Annual Electors Meeting


4 February 2021




Dear Council Member,


The next Annual Electors Meeting will be held on Thursday, 4 February 2021 in the Council Chambers, Corner Weld and Haas Streets, Broome, commencing at 5:00 PM.


Due to Covid and the current capacity restrictions within public venues, the Shire asks that any members of the public planning on attending pre-register. Registrations can be made through the Shire website via the following link: https://www.broome.wa.gov.au/Council/Council-Meetings-and-Minutes/Annual-Electors-Meeting.  







Chief Executive Officer














The purpose of Council Meetings is to discuss, and where possible, make resolutions about items appearing on the agenda.  Whilst Council has the power to resolve such items and may in fact, appear to have done so at the meeting, no person should rely on or act on the basis of such decision or on any advice or information provided by a Member or Officer, or on the content of any discussion occurring, during the course of the meeting.


Persons should be aware that the provisions in section 5.25 of the Local Government Act 1995 establish procedures for revocation or rescission of a Council decision.  No person should rely on the decisions made by Council until formal advice of the Council decision is received by that person.  The Shire of Broome expressly disclaims liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of relying on or acting on the basis of any resolution of Council, or any advice or information provided by a Member or Officer, or the content of any discussion occurring, during the course of the Council meeting.



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Annual Electors Meeting

Thursday 4 February 2021

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2.               Attendance And Apologies. 4

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MinutesAnnual Electors Meeting  4 February 2021                                                                                            Page 0 of 1


1.         Official Opening

The Chair outlined the process for the Annual Electors Meeting and welcomed members and electors and declared the meeting open at 5:00 PM.

2.         Attendance And Apologies  









Cr H Tracey

Shire President (via e-Meeting, Regulation 14C)


Cr D Male

Deputy Shire President (Chair)


Cr P Matsumoto



Cr C Mitchell



Cr B Rudeforth

(via e-Meeting, Regulation 14C)


Cr F West



Cr N Wevers




Cr P Taylor



Cr E Foy

(Arrived at 5:07 PM)


Leave of Absence:








Mr S Mastrolembo

Chief Executive Officer (via e-Meeting, Regulation 14C)


Mr J Watt

Director Corporate Services


Mr N Cain

Director Development and Community (via e-Meeting, Regulation 14C)


Mr A Graffen

Director Infrastructure


Mr D Kennedy

Manager Governance, Strategy and Risk


Mr A Santiago

Manager Finance


Ms L Levi

Senior Administration and Governance Officer


Mr J Carpenter

Senior Procurement and Risk Officer


Ms K Cookson

Team Leader Customer Service (via e-Meeting, Regulation 14C)


Ms S Reynolds

Customer Service Officer





Matt Bamford



Sam Jones

Broome Advertiser




Public Gallery

Tessa Jones



Thomas Oliver



Julia Mikhlik



Andrew Chambers



Gaye Wotherspoon



Jan Lewis



Gayle Keys



Geoff Williams



Dylan Storer



Debra Thomson



Neil Thomson



Susan Bradley



Jennifer Jones



Michael Leake



Brendan Renkin



Geoff Haerewa



Diana Oliver



3.         Shire President Report


The Shire President Report is contained on page 8 of the Shire’s Annual Report 2019 - 2020.


The Chair read aloud the Shire President Report.



                                                                                   Minute No. /0221/001

Moved: Cr N Wevers                                             Seconded: Cr C Mitchell

That the 2019 - 2020 Shire President’s report be received.



4.         Annual Report

Annual Report 2019 - 2020

The Shire of Broome Annual Report for the financial year 2019/20 is available on the Shire of Broome website via this link: https://www.broome.wa.gov.au/Council/Council-Meetings-and-Minutes/Minutes-and-Agendas.


Supplementary Information

Minutes from the 2018/19 Annual Electors Meeting held 12 December 2019, are available via this link: Minutes – Annual Electors Meeting.  These minutes were received by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting held 27 February 2020.



                                                                                     Minute No. /0221/002

Moved: Cr D Male                                                    Seconded: Cr C Mitchell

That the Shire of Broome Annual Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2020 be received.






general business

Cr E Foy entered the Chambers 5:07 PM

Elector Motions


Jan Lewis submitted an Elector Motion prior to the meeting:



                                                                                     Minute No. /0221/003

Moved: Jan Lewis                                                     Seconded: Brendan Renkin

That the Shire of Broome brings forward the review of the Shire’s weed management plan scheduled for 2023-24 to the 2021-22 financial year and adds a fully costed and best practice implementation strategy to the updated plan.



Andrew Chambers submitted Elector motions prior to the meeting:



                                                                                     Minute No. /0221/004

Moved: Andrew Chambers                                     Seconded: Gaye Wotherspoon

That this Shire commit to working with State and Federal Agencies to develop plans for the expansion of our hospital facilities to include more beds, clinic facilities for specialist services currently not available or only by visiting specialists most importantly in geriatric care, paediatrics, tropical/poverty diseases and mental health.




                                                                                     Minute No. /0221/005

Moved: Andrew Chambers                                     Seconded: Michael Leake

That this Shire commit to working with State and Federal Agencies to develop plans for building public access, affordable aged care residential facilities within this Shire that are culturally appropriate for our ethnically diverse population.  

That this Shire utilise its capacity and expertise to develop an ongoing and financially sustainable management structure to ensure that the facilities remain open and accessible and not be run "for profit".

That this Shire develops employment and training plans that fully engage local residents in permanent careers within the industry and our local facilities.




                                                                                     Minute No. /0221/006

Moved: Andrew Chambers                                     Seconded: Brendan Renkin

That the Shire develop an integrated and inclusive development plan, 2021-2026, in consultation with the Dampier Ward Communities, State and Federal Agencies, utilising dedicated Federal Grant Funding, that sees those communities develop amenities and  lift standards of public health and service to levels town residents take for granted and that visiting tourists expect.

That Federal funds received specifically for the purpose, over that five year period, be dedicated solely toward budgets to enact these plans and that the Shire work with these communities in applying for and managing (if needed or requested) project funding and delivery.

That the Shire use its existing departmental management, HR, payroll expertise, infrastructure and capital equipment acquisition abilities to extend existing town based services out into the Dampier Ward Communities, to provide the administrative and training capabilities required to develop and support community based, permanent, employment and training opportunities to deliver these services and developments.



Michael Leake submitted the following Elector Motions prior to the meeting:



                                                                                     Minute No. /0221/007

Moved: Michael Leake                                            Seconded: Nik Wevers

That the Shire work collaboratively with the Broome Squash Club to revisit the ongoing planning for the development of suitable community space at BRAC, including the development of extra squash courts, to meet the needs of many parts of the community, especially junior sports and school participants.



Elector motion six 6:

                                                                                     Minute No. /0221/008

Moved: Michael Leake                                            Seconded: Jan Lewis

That the Council provides a detailed report back to the ratepayers of Broome regarding the Shire’s dealings and relationships with Broome Futures Ltd (BFL/West Kimberley Alliance) including at least the following - funding and results, appointment terms and time frame, governance, accountability back to the council and benefits to the rate payers and other points that provide transparency and accountability.


Public Questions


Questions were received from Gaye Wotherspoon prior to the meeting:


Question One (1)


Can Broome Shire explain how it came to the conclusion that Coconut Well should be considered an option for a new Kimberley Waste facility, when five years ago it was deemed by Hydrogeologist Tony Laws that it would appear that any proposal to site a Waste Facility in any ground water recharge area around Broome is fraught with risk?


Response prepared by Sam Mastrolembo, Chief Executive Officer and read aloud by Andrew Graffen, Director Infrastructure:


With the end of life imminent at our existing Landfill Facility at Buckley’s Rd, the Shire has been planning for the development of a new Regional Resource Recovery Park (RRRP) which is an essential piece of community waste infrastructure. A site selection process has been ongoing for this facility for over nine years. 


Site options within a 60km radius of the Broome townsite have been explored and considered over this period, with Council most recently endorsing two preferred sites for detailed site investigation (including fatal flaw analysis).


The Tony Laws Report you have referred to was tabled by a community member as part of a previous community submission process on site selection back in 2015.  This Report was not endorsed by Council.  It must also be clarified that the said Report was tabled in reference to an alternate site than the one currently under consideration. It was also written without the benefit of on ground detailed site-specific information.  Our Waste Consultancy team and Peer Review consultants are acutely aware of the concerns raised in this report.


Over the past 14 months, detailed site investigations have been underway on the two site locations (Site D2 and Site G1). This has included desktop and intrusive investigations of cultural monitoring, geotechnical, hydrological, hydrogeological, ecological (flora and fauna) along with design works and detailed financial assessments for both sites. The culmination of extensive studies informs a Site Comparison Report that evaluates the strengths, weaknesses and points of difference between the two development options and Sites.


The Site Comparison Report was endorsed by Council at the December 2020 Ordinary Meeting of Council for the purposes of commencing community consultation. The Site Comparison Report in its entirety will be released to the community on 15 February 2021.  A number of targeted information sessions, displays, websites and FAQ sheets will also be utilised to engage further with the community.  I would encourage you to meet with staff at this time and engage through this process.


On a final note, Shire officers, consultants and Council are aware of the challenges and risks with this project.  There are a number of approval processes that remain outstanding once a preferred site is determined.  In the interim, we are keen to hear the community's thoughts and feedback on the Site Comparison Report and encourage your involvement.


Question Two (2)


When is Broome Shire releasing details of the two proposed Waste facility sites to Broome residents for public comment? and what is the timeline for responses?


Response prepared by Sam Mastrolembo, Chief Executive Officer and read aloud by Andrew Graffen, Director Infrastructure:


As endorsed by Council at the December 2020 Ordinary Meeting of Council, information will be available to the Broome Community on Monday 15 February 2021 as part of the commencement of an engagement process related to building community understanding of the RRRP.  A 6 week submission period has been endorsed and a number of engagement activities which will include workshops, public displays, surveys and media coverage will occur over this time.


Gaye Wotherspoon asked an additional question:


Question Three (3)    


Why is it that Broome Councillors have been told not to discuss the RRRP with Broome residents?


Answer provided by the Chair, Desiree Male:


The RRRP information is confidential until the community engagement process begins on the 15 February 2021. Once the community engagement process has begun Shire Councillors will be happy to discuss the project with you.


Jan Lewis submitted the following questions prior to the meeting:


Question One (1)


Is it correct that only 1 person (1 FTE) is employed to spray weeds in the Shire of Broome, with the occasional assistance of contractors?


Response provided by Andrew Graffen, Director Infrastructure:


The statement contained within your question is not correct.


The Shire of Broome currently delivers a long-term integrated weed management program which involves biological, chemical and physical control measures. The Shire of Broome has a dedicated Weed Officer however the integrated weed management program is delivered by a large number of staff across our Parks and Gardens and Works teams. This work is supplemented through the engagement of specialised contractors to support delivery of chemical control measures.


Question Two (2)


How does the Shire justify this level of staffing when it is obvious to anyone looking that the weed burden in drains, on footpath edges, and on crown land within the Shire is expanding exponentially?


Response is provided by Andrew Graffen, Director Infrastructure:


The Shire of Broome annually produces a zero-based resource budget for its operational areas. The allocation of labour through this process is based on annual priorities and projects. As per the previous question the allocation to the integrated weed management program is spread across a large number of staff and positions.


It is acknowledged that the number and diversity of weeds within the region is on the rise and additional resource allocation to weed management is proposed for the 2021/22 financial year.


The Shire has also developed a draft Weed Management Strategy with the aim to provide a framework for cooperative weed management that will guide efforts throughout the Shire of Broome. The draft strategy highlights the following objectives:

·         Preventing introduction and spread of weeds

·         Reviewing progress in Weed Management and devising methods for ongoing control

·         Reviewing responsibilities of Stakeholders in Weed Management

·         Increasing Public Awareness and Education


This document is anticipated to be finalised this financial year.


Andrew Chambers submitted questions prior to the meeting:


Question One (1)


Has the Shire any process in place to implement a transition to a low carbon emission organisation that leads by example and assists this community with pro-active initiatives that assist residents to manage and afford that transition?


Response provided by Andrew Graffen, Director Infrastructure:


This issue is addressed in the Shire's new Strategic Community Plan (SCP) and Corporate Business Plan (CBP). In the SCP, under the ‘Place’ Aspiration, Outcome 5 is the ‘Responsible management of natural resources’, containing the following objectives:

·         5.1 Mitigate climate change and natural disaster risks

·         5.2 Manage and conserve the natural environment, lands and water

·         5.3 Adopt and encourage sustainable practices.

Linked Strategies include the ‘State of Environment Report 2015’ and the ‘Declaration on Climate Change’.


The Corporate Business Plan includes several Actions developed to facilitate Outcome 5.3 ‘Adopt and encourage sustainable practices’. These include:

·         The development of a Renewable Energy Roadmap;

·         Advocacy for increased options around availability of renewable energy from the power grid;

·         Investigation of solar power opportunities; and

·         The inclusion of electric vehicles within Council’s 10-year plant replacement program.

It must be noted that Council has a responsibility to ensure that there is a balance between leading on technological adaptation and the costs involved in doing so.


The Shire of Broome has been proactive and has implemented a significant number of initiatives to reduce its carbon emissions while advocating strongly for opportunities for community members to transition. At Ordinary Council Meeting 29 October 2020, Council endorsed becoming a signatory of the WALGA Climate Change Declaration making a commitment to developing locally appropriate mitigation and adaptation strategies.


Question Two (2)


In light of the recent non-attendance by NBY at the Community Safety Forum what steps are being taken by The Shire to positively engage with the peak body of the local Native Title Holder group to engage positively in the resolution of major problems driving the ongoing crime wave led by the alienated youth of this community?


Response prepared by Nathan Cain, Director Development and Community and read aloud by James Watt, Director Corporate Services:


The Shire has invited NBY to form part of a response group with other panel agencies from the Community Safety Forum. NBY and the Shire meet regularly where this topic, and others, are discussed.


A collaborative, whole of community approach is required to address and respond to crime prevention and safety. The Shire is committed to working alongside all stakeholders to find resolutions.


Question Three (3)


Further to this when will the Shire be making any announcements about initiatives arising in response to the concerns and suggestions put forward at the Community Safety Forum?


Response prepared by Nathan Cain, Director Development and Community and read aloud by James Watt, Director Corporate Services:


It is unlikely there will be one single announcement regarding initiatives.


Initiatives such as Operation Heatshield form part of the response as do initiatives contained within the draft Community Safety Plan 2021 - 2025.


The Shire has also recently made available several ultraviolet pens for marking personal property as well as providing a limited supply of free bicycle / scooter alarms.


A response group workshop is scheduled at the end of February to discuss juvenile justice matters.


Shire officers continue to work through the questions received as part of the Community Safety Forum. The Q and A section on the Shire website will be updated regularly.


Question Four (4)


Can Shire officers answer when the much needed safety and signage work will take place on the Cape Leveque Rd turn-off?


Response provided by Andrew Graffen, Director Infrastructure:


Following the completion of the $65 million Broome Cape Leveque Road upgrade project late in 2020 the Australian and Western Australian Governments have allocated additional funding to the road.


An additional $15 million has been allocated towards reconstructing the first 13.6 kilometres of the old narrow seal on the Broome Cape Leveque Road as well as upgrading the Broome Highway intersection.


As part of these works a formalised tourist information bay is designed and will be constructed 500m from the intersection. This bay includes delivery of a signage project by Main Roads WA.


It is anticipated that these works commence post wet season and be completed in 2021.


Question One (5)

Can the Shire please clarify its role in the proposed Broome Boating Facility?


Response provided by Andrew Graffen, Director Development and Community:


In 2017 the WA State Government committed $1 million towards developing a Business Case and technical investigations for a safe boating facility. The Department of Transport has been responsible for leading this project.


The Shire of Broome Strategic Community Plan 2021 – 2031 states that the Shire will:

·         Advocate for the Department of Transport to build the Broome Boating Facility at Entrance Point

 To date the Shire has been responsible for:

·         Coordinating the Broome Boating Facility Advisory Group

·         Undertaking the Broome Boating Facility Community Consultation

The Shire has also agreed to facilitate concept designs for the Broome Boating Facility greenspace areas, interpretation and artworks.


The Shire will continue to work closely with the Department of Transport throughout all stages of the project to ensure successful delivery.


The coordination and finalisation of the Business Case sits with the Department of Transport.  A final version has been received by the Shire.  Advice confirms the document is confidential at this time and due for further refinement in the coming months.


The Shire would like to thank the WA State Government for its commitment to the project thus far and note the Premier’s Election promise of $35 million would play a sizeable role in helping make the facility a reality.


The Shire will continue to advocate for the project to be fully funded to allow the vision of this facility to be realised.


Michael Leake asked the following question:


Question One (1)


I have seen designs of other Council Chambers where the Councillors face the public gallery and do not have to turn around to see members of the public. I would like to know, can Council review the current layout of the Council chambers so that all Councillors are facing towards rate payers, so the public has a better view of the Councillors while they are deliberating over Council items?


Response provided by James Watt, Director Corporate Services:


We have started to investigate options but are constrained by the size and shape of the current room. We are working on improvements and if you have ideas on how the Chambers would perform better from the public’s perspective we would be interested in discussing them with you.


Brendan Renkin asked the following question:


Question One (1)


The annual report refers to the community scorecard. In that scorecard only 35% of residents agreed that rates provided value for money, 9 points below the State average and 28 points below the best rated Shire in the State. Does the Shire have an explanation for why 65% of residents think that rates aren’t value for money? Does the Shire plan  to do anything different to address this?


The Chair took the question on notice and a response will be provided at the next Ordinary Meeting of Council.


The following question was asked by Susan Bradley:


Question One (1)


Is there any future plans to move the pearling statues from Hamersley Street to Carnarvon Street back to the centre of the town?


The Chair provided the following response:


We recognise that their current location is not ideal, and we are looking at options of where we can move the statue. It can be difficult to determine where the best place for the statues should be by looking at them on plans. We are waiting for the upgrade to be completed so we can do a site visit, get a full understanding of how the area will look completed and determine the best place for them.


Brendan Renkin asked the following question:


Question One (1)


Why are staff attending the meetings of the Broome Futures when it’s a private board and what are they doing there?


The Chair took the question on notice and a response will be provided at the next Ordinary Meeting of Council.


Susan Bradley asked the following question:


Question One (1)


Does the Council have any power or influence on the land at Kennedy Hill?


The Chair responded to the question:


The land is owned by Aboriginal Land Trust (ALT). The land is in the process of being transferred back to Yawuru.


Andrew Graffen, Director Infrastructure, explained that Development WA is currently working with Nyamba Buru Yawuru to develop a precinct plan for the area.


Question Two (2)


Is Council responsible for cleaning up that area?


Question responded to by Andrew Graffen, Director Infrastructure:


The Shire is not responsible for cleaning up the area, but we are constantly communicating with ALT in an effort to keep the land clean and tidy.


The following questions were received from Andrew Chambers prior to the meeting and answered administratively. Due to time constraints he was unable to ask his questions at the meeting.


Question (1)


Can the Shire please provide details of annual expenditure over the last five years directly related to the recruitment, transition, housing, employment, training and termination costs for Shire administrative roles?


Response provided by Sam Mastrolembo, Chief Executive Officer:


I will address this question together with the following question.


Question (2)


Can the Shire please provide details of annual expenditure over the last five years for local employment, training and apprenticeship programs?


Response provided by Sam Mastrolembo, Chief Executive Officer:


Please find below, a table providing the information requested:









$93 571

$143 647

$73 108

$121 903

$56 893




















$282 454

$207 753

$258 818

$205 426

$145 058







Apprenticeship programs








Question (3)


Can the CEO please explain why this Shire is experiencing high levels of turn-over among senior staff appointees, the most recent being the departure of the Director Development and Community?


Response provided by Sam Mastrolembo, Chief Executive Officer:


We have had unfortunate turnover in the position of Director Development and Community, accounting for more than half of the turnover in Director positions since this time.  When reviewing Director turnover overall, the general trend is downward since 2016.  The most recent departures have sited family reasons and opportunities for career development and/or more attractive salary packages for the move.


Overall turnover is currently running at approximately 35% across the organisation.  This is unfortunately on a par with other Local Governments in the Kimberley.  


The Kimberley is not alone in this issue as around 18% of WA Rural and Regional Remote councils experience turnover rates of greater than 20%.


Question Four (4)

Is the Shire able to provide any updates on the proposed Floating Jetty Facility and the planning for traffic management if this project and the Broome Boat Facility proceed in 2021 (or at some point)?


Response provided by Andrew Graffen, Director Infrastructure Services:


The ‘Floating Jetty Facility’ is being funded by Kimberley Marine Support Base (KMSB) Pty Ltd and will be located within the Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) controlled land and waters. As such the final road alignments will be agreed between KPA and KMSB to best suit the requirements of the facility.


The Shire has been involved in discussions with both KMSB and KPA as part of the development of the business case for the Broome Boating Facility. Through this engagement the Shire has received commitment from the KPA that recreational access to Entrance Point will be maintained.


Question Five (5)


Has this Shire listened to the significant objections raised by the residents of Coconut Wells (and others) and reconsidered the site location to one that is not so environmentally hazardous, not located off a major tourist route on a poorly maintained road?


Response provided by Sam Mastrolembo, Chief Executive Officer:


As outlined previous this evening a Site Comparison Report on two preferred sites has been endorsed by Council for the purpose of community engagement.  Council will in due course make a decision on the site selection with regard for community feedback.


However I can confirm that the Shire of Broome is working with the Dampier Peninsula communities and have coordinated the development of a Draft Dampier Peninsula Waste Management Plan on behalf of the State Government to consider the very issues you have raised.


Question Six (6)


Can the Shire please detail the amount received annually from Federal funding over the last five years (Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995) specifically for the improvement of Aboriginal social circumstances and their advancement (National Principles Relating to the Allocation of Grants (v) Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders. Financial assistance shall be allocated to councils in a way which recognises the needs of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders within their boundaries.) and show where that funding has been allocated?


Note: (The amount received in 2020-21 for factor Aboriginality was $973,322, for Social Disadvantage was $569 833 - Total $1 543 165. This is an annual allocation )


Response provided by James Watt, Director Corporate Services:


No Financial Assistance Grant funds have been received by the Shire specifically for the improvement of Aboriginal social circumstances and their advancement over the past 5 years.


Local Government Financial Assistance Grants are funded by the Commonwealth Government and distributed among 137 local governments in Western Australia each year.


These grants are the State's entitlement for financial assistance from the Commonwealth Government, paid in equal quarterly instalments for a financial year.


The distribution of Financial Assistance Grants is for local government purposes and aims to achieve equitable levels of services across all local governments.


The funding provided to local governments is allocated on the basis of horizontal equalisation to ensure that each local government in the State is able to function at a standard not lower than the average standard of other local governments.


Importantly, Financial Assistance Grant funding is untied. There are no conditions placed on how the funds should be spent.


The WA Grant Commission uses a “balanced budget” approach to calculate General Purpose Grants. The commission calculates the equalisation requirement of each local government by assessing the revenue raising capacity and expenditure need of each local government. Five categories (called standards) are used to calculate revenue raising ability and six categories are used to establish expenditure needs.


The equalisation requirement is the difference between the assessed expenditure need and the assessed revenue raising capacity of each local government.


The grants commission has developed a range of 12 cost adjustors (including location, population dispersion, socio-economic disadvantage, climate and as per the question, aboriginality). These cost adjustors are used to recognise the additional costs a local government faces due to its physical or demographic characteristics. This “adjusted” expenditure figure is used to calculate the final equalisation requirement.


The Shire does not receive the level of funding for the cost adjustors as quoted in the question. As mentioned, those figures are developed by the commission to estimate the additional costs a local government faces due to its physical or demographic characteristics. These cost adjustors are added to the total expenditure which is assessed against revenue and averaged over a six-year period to derive the final equalisation requirement.


The Shire of Broome has received the following allocations since 2016-17:

2016-17:     $1.936M

2017-18:     $1.837M

2018-19:     $1.9M

2019-20:     $1.829M

2020-21:     $1.842M


Question Seven (7)


Can the Shire Representatives please detail the annual contribution made by ratepayers toward hosting The Shinju Matsuri Festival and detail DIRECT community employment and contract income for the 2020 Shinju Matsuri Festival?


Can you also confirm that despite a trend of growth in expenditure direct returns, in terms of local paid employment and opportunity within the arts and allied industries, are reducing?


Response provided by Nathan Cain, Director Development and Community:


Council, at the Special Meeting of Council on 2 July 2020, approved funding of $130,000 ex GST in 2020-2021 to Shinju Matsuri Inc. for the 2020 Shinju Matsuri Festival.


It was a condition of funding for Shinju Matsuri Inc. to provide Council with a report on the proportion and amount of the $130,000 paid to Broome personnel and businesses.


The Shire of Broome has received a preliminary report and is working with Shinju Matsuri to seek further details and information.



6.         Meeting Closure

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 5:51 PM.


These minutes were confirmed at a meeting held (DD Month Year),

and signed below by the Presiding Person, at the meeting these minutes were confirmed.


Signed: ……………………………